Group Design Sprints

  • Group size: Teams of 5-6


The core of the work in this class will fall under the broad category of group design activities. Included below are a set of examples of what these design sprints might emphasize. The following list may change over the course of the semester. Your output for each of these design activities will consist of a design document. There will be approximately 4 group design sprints throughout the semester. Be sure to check out tips for working successfully in groups. These assignments will be graded using the design rubric.

Design Sprints

Title Topic Tech Who Weight (584) Weight (485) Start Due/Demo
1. Design for Dimensions Visual Design + Sketching Paper, prototyping software (Figma), HTML/CSS 15% 15% Feb. 6 Feb. 15
2. Design for Understanding Data Visualization + Communication d3js, Vega (Web) or Vega-Lite, Chart.js, P5js, Tableau (free student license) 20% 25% Feb. 20 Mar. 5
3. Design for Another World Virtual Reality Unity or A-Frame + VR Viewers 25% 30% Mar. 19 Apr. 2
4. Re-design and Extend Evaluation + Iteration Physical prototyping (e.g., foam, cardboard) 25% 30% Apr. 4 Apr. 23
5. (Grad Only) Debate Engage in Research Research publications, slide decks, public speaking 15% (optional, for extra credit) N/A Apr. 25