Research Presentation (Grad Only)

  • Who: CS 584 students only
  • Presentation Day: variable, 11:59 PM.


What does research in HCI look like? For this assignment, you'll sign up for a short virtual presentation on a paper of your choice from an HCI-related venue such as CHI, CSCW, IEEE VIS, IUI, or UbiComp.

Note: You must get approval for your chosen paper -- see me after class or email me a minimum of 1 week before the deadline.

The Basics

Create a slide deck to summarize a research paper in 10-12 minutes. You will create a narrated screen recording of your presentation for your submission. You will share a link to your presentation on Slack, to facilitate asynchronous discussion on the topic.

Some questions that will be valuable to think about include:

  • What is the motivation for the problem that the paper addresses?
  • What methodology or approach did the researchers use?
  • What was the result or contribution?
  • How was it evaluated?
In addition, think about how this paper fits in the context of the other course content we have covered. How does it relate to other topics we have discussed? End your presentation with a question or two that could spark further discussion about the topic.


In addition to describing the content of the paper, your presentation should also include some portion dedicated to your critique of the research. Some questions you can think about:

  • What was done well?
  • What could have been improved?
  • Do you have any critique of the methodology?
  • Was the analysis sound?
  • Did the evaluation match the claims the authors made?
  • Did the authors appropriately contextualize their findings or overly generalize?
  • What would be a reasonable next step if you were to expand on this idea?

For Everyone Else...

These presentations will be posted on Slack. Watch them and within one week of the video being posted, engage in the disussion further on Slack. Think about the research that is presented to you. What questions are you left with? What did you think? What was done well? Peer feedback is a critical part of this class. Engage in the discussion around the research as well as your classmate's presentation.


  • Virtual Presentation: You will post a link to your recorded presentation in the Slack channel for #research_presentations and submit the link on Canvas. Important: Don't just post your link anytime on Slack! Your classmates will get overwhelmed trying to interact. Contact me when your presentation is complete, and I will tell you when to schedule your post. We will limit it to 1-2 posts per week. Your classmate will critique your work (using the I like, I wish, What if framework).
  • Grading: Grading will be based on the presentation rubric.
  • CS 485 Students: You may elect to complete this assignment as well, following the same instructions with the same deadline, for up to 10% extra credit boost on any given Homework assignment of your choice.