Written Report (Grad Only)

  • Who: CS 584 students only
  • Due: Monday, April 3, 11:59 PM.


In this assignment, you will write a response to a prompt related to a topic in HCI. A high quality response will require you to read and synthesize related literature and articulate your position. Note: you must answer all parts of the prompt.

The Prompt

Cars are becoming increasingly autonomous, in that more and more of the basic driving functions can be handled by the vehicle itself, without human intervention. Indeed, some cars are already capable of fully autonomous driving, under certain conditions. However, if the sensors and/or automation fail, the car will return control back to the human, thus thrusting the person out of the role of "passenger" and back into the role of "driver".

A. Pick either Situated Action or Distributed Cognition to analyze the problem of transferring the human’s role from "passenger" to "driver" to discuss how it could be used as part of the process for designing the car-driver interface in future vehicles that include partial or complete automation of the driving task.

B. Can you imagine potential solutions to this problem? Identify the process by which you might develop solutions to this problem.

C. How would you know if you got there? Describe a study to evaluate whether you have successfully fixed the problem of transferring control back to the user. Be sure to identify the metrics and methods, with citations.


Your document should be submitted in PDF format, using Times Roman 11 point type with normal margins, 1.5 line spacing. Be sure to address all parts of the prompt. Don't forget to incorporate and cite relevant literature. This requires you to search for and read some related literature beyond the explicit requirements listed for this course. A thorough response probably requires a minimum of one page.


  • The document, submitted as a PDF according to the formatting guidelines above.
  • Grading: Grading will be based on the writing rubric.
  • CS 485 Students: You may elect to complete this assignment as well, following the same instructions with the same deadline, for up to 10% extra credit boost on your individual grade for any given Design Sprint of your choice.