• Who: Individual
  • Objectives: Engagement


Data visualization is driven by both theory and design. As a result, some aspects are objective, while others are aesthetic (and thus somewhat subjective). Participating and engaging with the course content is important to develop both objective and subjective skillsets.

In-Class Exercises & Online Discussions: Throughout the semester, there will be a number of in-class exercises, including design activities, discussions, etc. Some of these will involve turning in an artifact (e.g., a sketch) at the end of class. Part of your Engagement grade will depend on turning something in. In addition, some discussions will take place online via Slack. Ask and answer questions to help your classmates, give feedback on posted content, etc. Don't worry, there will be plenty of content to engage with (some exercises will be posted for discussion online rather than in-class).

Quizzes: There will be several quizzes in-class throughout the semester. Each quiz will be one question, based on a concept from the lecture. Don't panic -- these are not intended to be trick questions.


Each exercise or discussion opportunity will be given a point allocation commensurate to the difficulty or time required to be involved. These will be updated on Canvas throughout the semester.

Each quiz is graded on a two-point scale: 1 point for attendance, 1 point for the correct answer.