Group Project

  • Who: Teams of 4-5
  • Objectives: Design; Implementation


Build an interactive visualization from scratch. There will be 5 project milestones throughout the semester.


Weight Milestone Description
1. 5% Project Pitch. A short 2-minute in-class description of your project idea (dataset, why it's interesting, etc) along with a short (250-500 word) written accompaniment, to help students identify potential projects of interest and teammates.
2. 15% Short Project Statement. Turn in a written document (800-1200 word) describing the data and domain and possible tasks your visualization might support, along with some evidence of having explored relevant previous work.
3. 25% Project Design Document. Turn in sketches from brainstorming, along with a digital poster of your most promising design for feedback in a poster session.
4. 10% Status Update. Turn in a short (250-500 word) written document describing current project status.
5. 45% Final Deliverables. Turn in final code, short video figure, and written summary and reflections.