Individual Homeworks

  • Group size: Individual


You will complete ~4 individual homeworkassignments during the semester. All individual homework assignments (and group assignments) should be accompanied by a Medium blog post. The contents of that blog post will differ depending on the assignment.

Homework Assignments

Title Topic Who Weight
1. Good/Bad Design Human-Centered Design Process 10%
2. Needfinding for Health Design Needfinding 30%
3. Health Design Paper Prototying 40%
4. Campus Accessibility Accessible Design 20%

Grad Only

Graduate students will have two additional individual homework assignments in this course, described below: one presenting a research paper (graded using the presentation rubric) and one on a written report (graded using the writing rubric). These assignments together will count 12% of your overall grade (reducing the weighting of other components as shown here).

Title Topic Who Weight
1. (Grad Only) Research Paper Presentation Critiquing Research 50%
2. (Grad Only) Written Report Comparing Methodologies 50%